Worldwide celebration of the IAAS 60th birthday

Worldwide celebration of the IAAS 60th birthday

IAAS was founded in 1957 and started with only 8 member countries. In 60 years, it became an association with over 40 member countries and about 10.000 students as members!
But still, our vision stays the same: To promote the Exchange of Experience, Knowledge and Ideas and to improve the mutual Understanding between Students in the field of Agricultural and Related Sciences all over the World!

After all those years,  IAAS is still successful in keeping a family feeling among its members and we are proud to be part of this association!

On the 21st of March 2017 we have celebrated the 60th anniversary with IAAS members all over the World!

Read their  birthday messages!

Message from IAAS Ghana
As part of the 60th year anniversary of IAAS World ,IAAS Ghana prepared a very nice cake to partake in the 60th anniversary.
It gives us much pleasure to be part of this noble association as IAAS is celebrating its 60th anniversary is our heartfelt desire that the association will move from grace to grace. We believe that massive involvement of the youth especially graduate in agriculture will help to suppress the issue of hunger and poverty. If poverty is not eradicated, it will be mitigated so with the goal of IAAS agenda 2020 still holds. We believe that agriculture is the only way to solve economic developmental problems in the world hence to promote global economic development
We believe that the growth of vegetables and fruits will aid in reducing malnutrition in the world. IAAS Ghana will finally say that teamwork facilitate proper achievement in terms of economic development so we edge all IAASers to participate fully in agriculture with our innovative ideas and we can solve the problem the world is facing

Message from IAAS Slovenia
Members of IAAS Slovenia celebrated IAAS 60th Birthday with students of Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana. (By the way, our faculty also celebrates this year. It’s 70 years old! :)) On this beautiful sunny day we set an IAAS Birthday stand. Many students came out during breaks, eat our delicious toast and got some information on IAAS. We prepared around 150 toasts, for meat eaters and vegetarians, and raspberry juice.

Message from IAAS Morroco
We are IAAS Morocco, The 60th birthday of IAAS was in the same day with our opening ceremony, so it was the occasion to tell the new members that IAAS exist since 1957
At the end of our opening ceremony we went together to our meeting room we were 21 (national committee + another new members) we bought 2 tarts and juices and we stayed together 3 hours dancing and listening to music!

Message from IAAS France
For the 60th birthday of IAAS World, we did several things. It began during the exchange week in France last February. We made two videos. The first one was during the Trade Fair, we all sang together “Happy Birthday IAAS”. In the second one we were drinking 60 shooters, but unfortunately we lost the video.
After that all the members of IAAS France wished happy birthday to IAAS World in another video which mixed short videos and pictures of the events which had been organized by IAAS France. For the cake competition we cooked a birthday cake. On the top of it we drew a world map and the symbol of IAAS World with chocolate sauce.

Message from IAAS Greece, LC Volos
For the 60th anniversary of IAAS, all our members of our committee gathered together and had an amazing barbeque. We made tzatziki, fried potatoes, grilled pita bread and 60 souvlakia and along with some wine and tsipouro, the Greek way and a little Croatian(rajika). And of course, you can’t have birthday without a birthday cake and making wishes for our beloved association. Afterwards, we shared our experiences with each other and got motivated to work even more! We had a great night full of fun and dancing!

Message from IAAS China
To celebrate IAAS birthday, our members of IAAS China got together to have a lunch in the school restaurant(It’s the school restaurant, so we don’t take any photos). During the lunch we discussed what we can do for the birthday. Then later we made this short video to express our best wishes to IAAS and we post it to all our members in China. It is a simple celebration but we have the strongest wishes to IAAS !

Message from IAAS USA
The Iowa State University chapter of IAAS USA had a great time celebrating IAAS’s birthday! We made cupcakes that were decorated with IAAS knickknacks, had speakers present about Food Waste and solutions in our community, and sang happy birthday. We can’t wait until we are another year older!

Message from IAAS Indonesia
IAAS Indonesia celebrated The 60th IAAS Anniversary with made video greeting for the anniversary. The video greeting was taken at this year IAAS Indonesia National Strategic Meeting that all 8 local committees attend which took place in the beautiful Lombok Island with mountain and beach view as background of the video.
For 60 years IAAS have been the biggest agricultural student organization in the world and have grown countless of its member’s potential and fulfill their interest in agriculture and related sciences to the fullest. As member of IAAS in the agrarian country Indonesia we are proud and so much grateful to be a part of this organization, to have a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences about agriculture with fellow FamilIAAS from other countries in the world. Keep creating world class members with grassroots understanding IAAS! Go further go IAAS! IAAS, think globally act locally! With Love, IAAS Indonesia!

Message from IAAS Croatia
IAAS Croatia organised the celebration of IAAS 60th birthday with our members, Alumnis, Erasmus students and professors. We had very pleasant morning and enjoyed breakfast with other students. In the afternoon we cooked lunch and celebrated with birthday cakes and so many positive energy. Our wishes for IAAS are to raise awareness about climate change and its environmental impact. The main thought was no food waste and we proudly announce that we ate everything, especially cakes, who were so delicious. We are so happy and honored to be part of this association who continues to grow every year. IAAS doesn’t get order, it gets better!

Message from IAAS Switzerland
To Celebrate IAAS 60th Birthday we decided to make a time capsule.
We met after classes to eat tasty cakes and fill up the box.
All the members brought some nice presents for the IAAS Switzerland committee of 2032. Polaroids of the celebration, earphones, a wooden snake from croatia, a flag from greece, a pastis from France (of which we made a polaroid while drinking it) and more funny things. At the end we sealed the box with wax and wrote a letter to contact us when the box will be opened. We don’t want to miss the curios faces of the new committee members in 2032.

Message from IAAS members at DMA (Directors Meeting of Americas)
With joy and happiness we want to say Happy Birthday IAAS!. IAAS America celebrate the 60th aniversary at DMA Uruguay we had an amazing dinner. With 42 members from 9 diferent countries, everyone was happy speaking about their cultures, histories and at the end of night every member gave us a short speech about his/her experience in IAAS, their proudness to be part of this student association and their best wishes for this year!

Message from IAAS Nepal
IAAS Nepal national committee organized a gathering program for celebration of IAAS 60th birthday at Agriculture and Forestry University, Nepal. The program was marked with the participation of IAAS national and local committee members and distinguished guest consisting of Dean of Faculty of agriculture and several academicians. The national director marked the special importance of the IAAS 60th birthday sharing several achievements of the association worldwide and express his wishes to develop more leadership among the network to take lead in several important agendas of youth in agriculture working cooperatively as a family. Dean of Faculty of Agriculture Prof. Jay Prakash Dutta express his wishes to motivate and engage more students in IAAS network and establish as a platform to network with agriculture students worldwide. The beautifully baked and designed cake was cut after making wishes on the special occasion. The celebration program was followed by plantation cum gardening program. 60 plants consisting of several garden hedges were planted in a road lane with involvement of local and national committee. The small park is named as IAAS park and will be well maintained by IAAS Nepal committee in the future.

Message from IAAS Côte d’Ivoire
For the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of IAAS, 8 members of IAAS Côte d’Ivoire meet ourselves at Regis Ice Cream Parlour in the beautiful city of Abidjan to share a cake. Sitting at the terrace above the veranda, we seized the opportunity to laugh to our weird pictures, to the funny videos we made during the ADM, Exchange weeks and fields trip. It was the best moment to share our IAAS experiences and reflections on aspects held and shared in common among ourselves. Also, we discussed about the new strategies of our association and we redefined the long-term objectives for the local committees which are no longer active. Moreover, this meeting was the place for us to came up with new projects for the future. Finally, we had a video chat with other members who have not been able to join us. The meeting unfolded in a climate of great fraternity with folk music, dances, games and we went back home enriched with a bunch of motivation.
We all believe in IAAS and we will continue to make our committee grow better in order to become the most impactful in Africa or maybe in the World why not? Stay tuned and observe!
From all of us in IAAS Côte d’Ivoire

Message form IAAS Greece, LC Thessaloniki
So , 21st of march 2017 was a great day for us because the weather was perfect and we were in the middle of our exchange week so we had the best company we could have (the participants were from Croatia , France , Montenegro ,Spain , Slovenia and Poland) So we gathered at an outdoor place to celebrate ! Members from our committee baked 60 mini cupcakes in reference of the 60 years of IAAS ! We played games , ate the cupcakes and we also had a barbecue ! It was really fun and everyone really enjoyed it !

Message from IAAS Montenegro
For IAAS 60th birthday, we did a small celebration for all members of our committee. Part of our committee was on exchange week in Greece, where they celebrated with rest of IAAS’ s members from other countries. Also, we collected our pictures from different activities we organised and put them on a big paper with our flag because soon we are celebrating a year of our existence.
Also, we will plant an olive tree as soon as we get an approval from the government like a symbol of long life like many more years for IAAS. Happy birthday from IAAS Montenegro!

Andjela Komnenic
Andjela Komnenic
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