Training New Trainers 2017

For the first time in a couple of years, IAAS jointly organized a “Training new Trainers” event with the European Geography Association (EGEA), our partners in crime. EGEAns come from a different field but they are like-minded in spirit and in their goal to promote the exchange amongst youth past their country borders. So it happens that their association also has very similar structures to ours – we both have Training Committees!

In our case, that is ITC- IAAS Training Committee!

A What? If you’re asking this, keep on reading, the rest can skip this paragraph.

The ITC is responsible for promoting trainings within IAAS to complement and diversify the program of our events. Trainings are an adult learning experience with the goal to broaden the knowledge of the participants or to give them certain skills. For example, you want your new members to organize and event but they have never done this before and don’t have a clue. Give them a training about it! Different than a simple presentation, where you’d tell your Newbies in 20 minutes how they should organize an event, a training will take some hours and include games, theory and exercises. This interactive session will already give the participants some kind of ‘experience’ with event organization and will make them understand how to proceed. In order to design such a training session you not only need a content (e.g. the knowledge about event organization that you want to transfer to your Newbies) but also a trainer. And that is what the TNT is good for! Within 1 week the participants (‘pax’ in trainer slang) get a crash course on being a trainer and they get all the necessary tools they need to be able to design and deliver their own training sessions.

1 week, 1 room, 4 experienced trainers, 11 participants. Although we unfortunately did not see much of Warsaw, the TNT was probably one of my favourite events. The group of participants from EGEA and IAAS, representing Austria, Greece, Slovenia and Switzerland, was super motivated to learn as much as possible and work hard (besides all the fun parts thanks to IAAS Poland <3). We started off with some get-to-know-each-other games, learned how adults learn, how a trainer’s attitude towards the pax should be, how to draw nice flipcharts, how to use the room during a training, how to set the goals for a training session, how to design a training session etc. etc. Until we realized that in the end, after we had delivered our firs training session, a new generation of trainers was born, the “Teammies”. There’s not much more to say about what we learned, only that it’s highly recommendable to everyone! Also a big thank you to IAAS Warsaw for the organization, the food, the night outs, the dumpling workshop and for being such great hosts!


Written by Mirjam Baumgartner, IAAS Switzerland