Third online debate of IAAS members in Africa

The African Board of IAAS is still pursuing its monthly online debate initiated in January 2017. This discussion amongst African IAASers, aiming at raising students’ awareness of the most urgent challenges faced by the agricultural sector in Africa. The debate is an opportunity for these members to express their thoughts and share experience with their fellows. On Saturday April 1, 2017 in FamilleIAAS Africa Family whatsapp group was hold the 3rd monthly debate. This time, the topic was: Climate-smart agriculture in the African context: how can youths bring innovations to rural populations?

This debate has been attended by students coming from Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe. It has been very fruitful in terms of knowledge sharing on climate-smart agriculture. In fact, many debaters argue that climate-smart practices should be widely adopted in the region in order to concrete an African green revolution, respectful of our environment in the context of climate change and natural resources degradation. Moreover, it has been demonstrated during the discussions, how important youths are in the development of any nation and how they can act as its fuel by bringing innovations in rural areas through various activities. Specifically, all the participants agreed on the fact that African IAASers need to revive the Village Concept Project in the region so as to facilitate this transfer of skills from youths to rural communities.


Find the full report of the debate here: Report of the 3rd online debate