The World Congress “360” Mexico 2017

The World Congress “360” Mexico 2017

From the 9th to the 30th of July 2017, 74 delegates from 19 countries were invited by IAAS Mexico to attend the World Congress of the association. During those 3 weeks, the intense schedule was divided between IAAS official events, company visits and cultural discoveries.

IAAS General Assembly

The World Congress was an opportunity to make decisions shaping the future of the association through discussions and workshops. Indeed, the participants voted during the General Assembly to change big parts of the IAAS Constitution and By-Laws, which was an interesting democracy exercise. They also had the opportunity to start and work on global projects such as Women in Agriculture, the Alumni Database, and the Development Fund Day. These projects will continue throughout the year, engaging members from all around the world.

The General Assembly is also the moment to present the activity of the past year and plan the next one, to have an Executive Board acting according to the members’ ideas. The delegates accepted 5 new committees (Ecuador, Mali, Uganda, Morocco and Taiwan) and 5 candidate members (Cameroon, Burundi, Tajikistan, Senegal and Paraguay) to the network: Welcome to them!

Excursions and visits

The congress was a unique opportunity to discover the Mexican culture and agriculture. The delegation had the chance to visit leading and innovative Mexican companies, such as DSM, Grupo Modelo, La Huerta and research centers, like CIMMYT. The participants also had a tour inside a tequila farm and a ranch, symbols of Mexican agriculture. They were invited to the village of Santiago de Anaya, Hidalgo, where they were offered traditional Mexican dishes, discovered the local music and assisted in a demonstration of the national sport, the Charreada.

These example show the diversity of the activities offered during this congress, helping our members to have a good overview of Mexico as well as exploring their future working possibilities.

International friendships

Those 3 weeks together provided an incredible opportunity to bond with people from all over the world and create unique connections for the future. Sharing common projects made future leaders aware of different cultures and ideas. Working together, the projects are continuing to grow stronger.

After 3 weeks, all the participants went home with more agricultural and related sciences knowledge. They are motivated to be more involved and active in their local/national committee. They also went back home with a lot of memories and international friends. Thank you, IAAS Mexico, for this amazing WoCo that the participants will never forget!

Andjela Komnenic
Andjela Komnenic
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