Online Debate between IAAS’ers in Africa

News from IAAS’ers in Africa!

In the end of January, the new IAAS Regional Board of Africa held their first online debate. The debate aims to strengthen the academic culture of IAAS members in Africa, mainly on agricultural related issues. It exposes the students to topics on the most challenging issues faced by the agricultural sector in Africa such as: climate change, food security, climate smart agriculture, sustainable development, agricultural policies and natural resource management.



The online debate take place once per month through the WhatsApp group of IAAS Africa. The poster of the debate with the topic, date, and moderator’s name are published by the African Regional Board. During the discussions, students have the opportunity to express their personal opinion, theirs experiences and share useful information related to the topic. The discussions last for one day, led by a moderator who gives direction with key questions. At the end, the moderator closes the debate and make a draft with the Deputy Director of Communication. This report is sent to both Regional Exchange Coordinator and Regional Director for suggestions and then approval before sharing.

In addition to being an activity that gives voice to future African leaders in agriculture and respond genuinely to issues of their field of study, the online debate provides a forum of brainstorm and encourages members to share their ideas with other IAAS’ers.

Do you want to read more? Download the report here: Report of online debate

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