No Food Waste

On World Food Day, 16th of October 2016, IAAS World launched his No Food Waste Project with the IdeIAAS Against Food Waste magazine.

The idea of this project was born in a workgroup from the 59th World Congress in Indonesia with the intention of raising awareness of food waste.

We all know how much food can be wasted when cooking, so we want to encourage people to take advantage of all the leftover ingredients or materials that are left after preparing a dish.


This is how the magazine project works:


  1. Each IAAS member country participates through nominations from other committees, with a maximum of four nominations for video.
  2. When a country gets nominated, they choose a typical national dish, make a video of the members preparing the dish and explaining the recipe.
  3. After preparing the dish, the committee members come up with some ideas about how to use leftovers of the meal preparation – the packages and residues of the ingredients and explain it in the video.
  4. The video should be shared in the IAAS World Facebook group, to show great effort of the members and to nominate new committees to do the same.
  5. After posting the video, the committee will receive the template of the IAAS World Cooking Book and they will send it to Silvia Goizueta, manager of the No Food Waste Project. She will then update the online magazine with all the recipes.

Here you can follow our current progress:



Check out some videos made by different IAAS Committees:

Members of IAAS World have created a short, useful guide with simple tips on how can each and every one of us reduce food waste. Check out the file and join the fight against food waste! Tips for NoFoodWaste

On the European Directors Meeting in Croatia, a No Food Waste workshop was organized. Read about it here.

If you have other ideas/suggestions for the No Food Waste project, please fill out this form:

We are looking forward to all the recipes and ideIAAS against Food Waste!

Go further! Go IAAS!