Soft Skill Trainings

We, the IAAS Training Committee (ITC),

believe soft skills trainings empower our members to reach their personal, organizational and professional potential.

Therefor, the ITC was founded. Our trainers have attended an extensive trainer’s education program, ensuring being sound in designing, delivering and facilitating learning experiences and embodying an upright attitude.

We customize our training sessions to the needs of the participants. We first gather the needs and expectations of the participants or the organizing committee, then tailor our sessions to match the best fit of learning experience. Our trainings cover acquiring new skills, deepening knowledge and development of a hands-on attitude. Attending our training sessions help IAASers in mastering their personal, organizational and professional challenges.

A training session is a non-formal education experience taking at least three hours. After each training session, if wished, the trainers prepare a handout with a recap of theory and further reading materials. A handful cases where trainings are useful:

You want to offer your members trainings to prepare them for the job market.

– Assertive communication, motivation, presentation skills, …

Your committee is looking for a IAAS2020 project.

– Cause finding, creativity, public relations, project management…

In case your organizing committee is going to organize an international event.

– Project management, fundraising, cross cultural awareness, …

A new board is going to be elected in your local committee.

– Team building, knowledge transfer, strategic planning, …

If you have any questions, or if you are interested in organizing a training event or becoming a trainer,

please contact us <mail to:>.


Your IAAS Training Comittee