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New members of IAAS join our association as a Correspondent or a Candidate Member as described in the IAAS Constitution & By Laws. Candidate and Correspondent Members have the right to attend and host all IAAS activities. Main international activities are listed below. For further information, you will find upcoming international events on the ‘events’ section.  You can also always contact us at

Learn, Explore & Have Fun!

  • Next to the international activities, member countries organize several additional local activities like motivational weekends, outreach programs, company visits, lectures, debates and many social activities.General Assembly
  • Regional Directors Meetings
  • Sub-Regional Meetings
  • Seminars and Conferences
  • Villages Concept Projects,
  • Exchange Weeks
  • Exchange Program


Types of Membership


In IAAS, countries are members, instead of every single committee in the country. There are 5 different categories of members in IAAS:

– Full member
– Candidate member
– Correspondent member
– Honorary member
– Frozen member

For new members, only the candidate and correspondent membership are important. Below you find more information about these two kinds of membership. For information on other memberships please refer to the Constitution and By-Laws (C&Bl), which you can download in the ‘downloads‘ section.


Correspondent Membership


Correspondent membership includes individuals or associations pursuing the same goals as IAAS and therefore in close contact with IAAS World. A Correspondent Member has the following rights:

– Participation in meetings, seminars and other activities organised by IAAS members for a 50% higher fee.
– Being added to the IAAS emailing lists.


Candidate Membership


A Candidate Member country should have the intension to apply for full membership. A country can only stay candidate member for two years and an application for full membership therefore needs to be handed in for voting at the General Assembly at least two years after the country has gained the status of Candidate Member. As a Candidate Member you have all the same rights as a Full Member except being allowed to vote at the General Assembly or having Committee members elected in the Executive or Control Committee.

– Participate in meetings, seminars and other activities organised by IAAS.
– Organize events in the name of IAAS.
– Participate in the Exchange Program.
– Receive IAAS World Newsletters.
– Being added to the IAAS mailing lists.


What does it cost to be member of IAAS?

As a Correspondent Member or Candidate Member, you don’t pay for membership. From the moment the National Committee becomes a full member (maximum two years after becoming a Candidate Member) a yearly Membership Fee needs to be paid.
This Membership Fee is based on the World Bank rankings of a Country’s Economic status. All member countries are divided into five financial categories. The countries with relatively the lowest national income pay the lowest Membership Fee. In IAAS those countries are called ‘A-countries’. The countries with the highest national income according to the World Bank (E-countries) have to pay a higher Membership Fee. B-, C- and D- countries lay in between. Additionally, the amount of the Membership Fee depends on how many Local Committees (L) are existing in that country.


The yearly costs for full National Committees are as followed (with L the number of Local Committees):

Country Category Membership Fee (EUR)
A 0
B 100 + 10×(L-1)
C 250 + 20×(L-1)
D 350 + 30×(L-1)
E 450 + 50×(L-1)

Next to the Membership Fees, individual IAAS members will need to travel to and participate in meetings, seminars and other IAAS international activities. To make our important international events more accessible for members of A and B Category Countries, IAAS started the Development Fund where members from these countries can apply for funding from IAAS.


If you apply for candidate membership, you will need to create a committee. There are many ways of structuring your committee, but two positions are obligatory.

 National Director
 National Exchange Coordinator

You are free to come up with other positions which will contribute to efficiency and effective operations of your National Committee. You could create as many positions as your team finds necessary.  Usually the committees have elections for the positions of National Director & Exchange Coordinator every year. It is important to inform the current EC about changes in those two positions. In order to give the opportunity to many students to practice and develop their leadership skills, we recommend to create different positions and have yearly elections. If you have more than one committee, you create Local Committees with Local Directors, Local Exchange Coordinators and other positions which can contribute to the working of a Local Committee.

Other recommended positions:

– Vice President of Finance
– Vice President of Communication and Membership
– Vice President of Project Development

When you structure your committee you always need to take into account the laws of your country. Some countries have laws governing the structuring and registration of associations, so it’s important to inform you about those.

If you want to know more about the duties of the National Director and the Exchange Coordinator, you can find them listed in the IAAS Constitution & By-Laws which you can download in the ‘downloads‘ section.


There are many ways to find fellow motivated students to join your committee. It is always interesting to give a presentation to other students, use official IAAS World presentations and edit them according to your target audience. We have listed some possible strategies you could use to attract new members:

Improve your relationship with your university!

To find interested students and get support from your university, your personal contact with your university staff is highly important. Organize a meeting between staff and the committee at least once a year. IAAS World has a great partnership with ICA, the umbrella organization of all life science universities in Europe. They are providing us contact information of staff in many European universities. Don’t hesitate to ask us for that contact information. We would love to start partnerships with similar organizations in other regions as well, feel free to contact us about those.

Participate in international activities of IAAS!

You will get in touch with the “familIAAS” and get the viral motivation! Joining an international event is a great way to introduce yourself and other new students to our members. When coming back home, you can share your enthusiasm with other students and get them motivated.

Inform your professors about IAAS!

They could inform other students about your new committee. They could also help you with contacts for internship places for the Exchange Program, for sponsorship or for activities.

Organize your first IAAS event!

Once you have found a small group of students, it will be easier to reach out to more people. Organize a ‘Welcome Event’: an information evening or an international evening in the university, where all students, faculty staff, deans and international officers are invited. Those evenings our ideal to get people excited about joining your committee.


If you want to apply for candidate membership, please download the application form:

You can fill this in on your computer and send the document to: &


An application for candidate membership should be at the HQ latest 1st of July to be considered at the General Assembly the same year.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We will be glad to help you and give you more information!