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IAAS Alumni Meeting

This event is organized yearly and provides all IAAS Alumni the opportunity to get together for a few days and relive the great days of back then.

The past events have taken place in:

  • 2011- Belgium
  • 2012- Switzerland
  • 2013- United States of America
  • 2014- The Netherlands (Read the report)
  • 2015- Slovenia
  • 2016- Croatia


In 2017, there will be an IAAS Alumni Meeting in Thessaloniki, Greece (5-7 May), but Alumni are also invited to participate in the first week of the World Congress in Mexico (9-16 July).

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If you like to get in touch with other alumni, become member of the IAAS Alumni Facebook Group.

Next to that, we would kindly like to ask you to fill in the IAAS Alumni Form. By filling out this form we can keep you up to date about activities, and if you wish so, send you the bimonthly newsletter. Thanks for your cooperation!