IAAS Observers at FAO

Are you a member of IAAS with strong interests, motivation and ambitions towards FAO? As IAAS and FAO are historical partners, members of IAAS have the privilege to attend global, regional and national FAO events related to agro, environment and food topics. Apply and attend as an IAAS representative!

Year-round FAO conferences, seminars and events

Through the year, the Executive Committee launches application rounds for IAAS members to attend FAO events as an IAAS Observer. Details about applications are spread via email, the website and social media platforms. Keep an eye on those! Next to this you can apply spontaneously to an FAO event you wish to participate in by reaching out to the EC, upon which the EC will review your suggestion and take necessary steps towards FAO. FAO has many branches hosting various events. A general overview can be found here: http://www.fao.org/news/events/en/


Representing IAAS

As IAAS observer you will be able to attend as FAO event in name of IAAS. Together with IAAS World Partnership and the team of accepted students you will set up specific goals and action points for during and after the FAO event in order use this opportunity to its full potential. You will meet FAO staff, associated organisations and possible colleague students depending on the event.


Agreements of participation

Unfortunately neither IAAS nor FAO can provide travel or accommodation costs refunds. We encourage applicants to inform their local university about their plans and inquire about possible funding or consult other sources.


What to do

Apply to an application round of the IAAS Board and submit all requested documents. Additionally you can contact theEC for other FAO events by sending the event details and your CV including IAAS experiences to president@www.iaasworld.org and controlcommittee@www.iaasworld.org.

Don’t hesitate to take this opportunity, represent IAAS, grow your network and meet outstanding professionals in your field of study!



Discover the experiences of former IAAS observers:
Anjela and Anggita from IAAS Indonesia at the Regional Conference of Asia Pacific 2016 Malaysia
Branwen and Nastya from IAAS Belgium at the World Forestry Congress 2015 South Africa
Eline from IAAS Belgium and Mirjam from IAAS Switzerland at the International Symposium on Sustainable Food Systems 2016 Rome