Pramisha Thapaliya: a member of IAAS Nepal and also Communication Quality Board shared her leadership experiences in agriculture and climate change with IAAS Members ! 

Keeping the view of opportunities that I got in past six months, I realized that it isn’t only enough for me to know about ongoing ambience and scenario of the world in the field of agriculture and climate change. So, I planned to organize a feedback session and informative as well as engaging section of climate change, agriculture and Talanoa Dialogue. Hence, a successful program was held with collaboration of CliMates Nepal and IAAS Nepal.

Three hours session was held on May 19, 2018 at Veterinary Seminar Hall of Agriculture and Forestry University, Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal. Despite of busy schedule of most of the students and members of our organization, a total of 30 participants attended the program. The program was kicked with introductory session of participants and sharing of their know how on climate change. And Introductory session on climate change, its science, international negotiations and UNFCCC was held. After this, outcome of climate negotiations upto this time was discussed. Similarly, my personal experience in COY13, COP 23, ACE Youth Forum, SB 48 and Youth Ag Summit was shared. I gave insights to participants about YOUNGO and its dynamics. Similarly, upcoming opportunities in the arena of agriculture and climate change were discussed. These talks were supplemented by videos and followed up by interesting questions and answer round, where doubts and questions were addressed.

Then after, Talanoa Dialogue, the concept and overarching questions were summarized. Then, the participants were divided into groups and the session of Talanoa Dialogue was held, which went very interesting. Then, the main discussion outcomes of each group were summarized in chart papers. Finally, all the discussions of each group were presented. Then, so formed Talanoa Dialogue leaders were assigned to write a report on the discussions held on that day which was very fruitful and as below:-


This Talanoa Dialogue report was prepared by our outstanding Talanoa Dialogue leaders, Bhawana Regmi, Anisha Sapkota, Soniya Bashyal and Shreesha Pandey. Kudos to the emerging gems!

In conclusion, the overall session was so insightful and fruitful. The participants were super satisfied with the discussions held and keen to lead in the spirit of Talanoa, in their journey of climate activism. Finally, feedback from participants were shared and group picture was taken. This concluded the awesome one day in spirit of empowerment and ambition.


Prepared by: Pramisha Thapaliya
Talanoa Dialogue Report by: Bhawana Regmi, Anisha Sapkota, Soniya Bashyal and Shreesha Pandey
Special Thanks to Arati Joshi and Dharmendra Kalauni

Andjela Komnenic
Andjela Komnenic
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