IAAS Morroco : BIG Exchange Week

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IAAS Morroco : BIG Exchange Week

Marouane Bar

The national committee of IAAS Morocco in collaboration with Hassan II Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine, organized an Exchange Week that took place from 26th of March to 1st of April, in Rabat the capital city of Morocco.

Our committee has welcomed 21 delegates coming from 8 different IAAS committees (Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Bangladesh and Ivory Coast).

This ExWe, was IAAS Morocco’s first trial into organizing international scale events, which has received a very positive feed back by all the delegations that took part in this event.

During this week our 21 delegates, have wandered around the corners of the ancient part of the city, in their first day to discover the mesmerizing Medina , through the blue walls of Oudayas to the historical Ancient Mellah all the Way to Hassan Tour to experience the historical richness of Morocco that is anchored in its different cultural and historical monuments.

During this City Tour, they have paused to have lunch in a restaurant in the Medina, to taste “Tagine”, the most traditional and famous Moroccan stew that is cooked in earthenware dishes in triangular lids, served with, of course our prominent mint tea.

The guests were very satisfied of the kindness of the restaurant staff that did a spectacular artistic demonstration of pouring mint tea, but also very pleased and stuffed with the delicious food.

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In the evening they have attended the Opening ceremony of the ExWe to give the greenlight to a week full of discoveries, cultural enrichment, agricultural fieldtrips and visits to the most remarkable Agri-food factories as well as Cooperatives specialized in beekeeping and the national association of Sheep and Goat Breeders.

The students from the previously mentioned countries, attended a series of conferences in the next days from 7pm to 9 pm about the most critical and determinant environmental and agricultural subjects in Morocco and Worldwide such as global warming, pastoralism as well as the seed domain, they were mainly presented by professors of Hassan II Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine as well as other interveners such as  Mr.Abdelhadi Bennis who is an engineer and alumnus of the “Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Horticulture de Versailles”, as well as  Mr.Akka Oulahboub who is also an engineer and alumnus of the university of Arizona.

They have also the chance to discover the specifics of the Moroccan agriculture through different perspectives on both theoretical and field scale.

The exchange week was solemnly closured by a friendly competition to name the “Super Agronomist”, this competition was held between our guests as well as the students of the Institute, within 9 groups composed of 2 IAAS World delagates and 2  students from  IAV.

After the official closure, it was time for a farewell party in the honour of all the participants in the exchange week to thank everyone for their good work, and by the end of the party the first group of delegates have left to rejoin their countries.

The remaining went with the local committee to visit the wonderful city of Ifrane, the trip was a great time to relax and recreate after a long week .

At the evening, the remaining delegates took transportation means to arrive at the Fez airport.

All in all the exchange week has received a great amount of positive feedback, which encourages the National committee to boost its efforts in order to host wider range events in the future.

Andjela Komnenic
Andjela Komnenic
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