IAAS MOROCCO – Motivation weekend

IAAS MOROCCO – Motivation weekend

Motivation is a key element in every association. It is the fuel within it moves forward and advances towards perfection.

It is also a very powerful asset that can be used to achieve the determined goals. And so, setting goals for an association is very important, and the only way to achieve them is by pushing all the members further in life to always strive for the best, not only physically but mentally as well.  

It is a vision we have developed in IAAS, while preparing for the exchange week we must always keeps in mind that unity and collaboration are two determining aspects of an integrated management strategy, and it’s within the same logic that we have organised a motivational weekend during the 05th/06th of January.

Saturday evening was reserved for mingling activities where we had the opportunity to know about our members and play games to get out of the oddness zone to get all close with each other, while Saturday morning was dedicated for a workshop with Mr. Hamza Zraimek one of the most successful young leaders of Morocco.

He has animated a workshop about self-development and leadership while exposing many practical and concrete examples in order to be familiar with the obstacles constraining the evolution of an association.

We were very pleased by the engagement of our members but also by the professionalism of Mr. Hamza that managed to coordinate this workshop while keeping this friendly link with us and illustrating all the notions with real life examples.

We really hope that these motivational events will boost our confidence with each other and push us to explore more potentialities that will be exploited in the ExCo meeting.

Our mindset is on, and the clock is ticking further for the most epic event on the history of IAAS! In one week applications will be open and Morocco is waiting for you!

Stay tuned for the journey of your life!

Andjela Komnenic
Andjela Komnenic
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