Our IAAS 2020 strategy




IAAS 2020 is a long-term ambition that shows us a clear strategic direction with measurable progress, challenges IAAS and refreshes the ambition and excitement, and aligns what we do with what the world needs. The IAAS2020 Strategy was created during the General Assembly on the IAAS World Congress in July 2016 in Indonesia. The creation process was guided by the Executive Committee of 2015-2016.

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Values of IAAS 2020

IAAS 2020 strategy is striving for excellence by empowering future leaders in a

diverse, innovative and team focused environment.

Team focused

We provide an exceptional platform to spread and exchange the knowledge, experience, ideas, and values we develop with our members all around the world. We are inclusive by respecting and actively encouraging contributions by every individual.


Striving for excellence

IAAS acts towards high quality of performance and impact within our network: by providing trainings, and achieving high quality performance, by inspiring and empowering future generations to accomplish meaningful impact. We strive to mobilize our members to take action and be innovative, while aiming for excellence.



Our global network provides youth the opportunity to learn, experience, and grow in a multi-cultural setting. We value respect and equality.



IAAS is working to prepare future professionals to address the issues that affect agriculture and related sciences. Our projects and events aim at increasing the understanding and opening the conversation on sustainable innovation in our sector.



IAAS 2020 prepares youth to meet the challenges of their future work with a practical and global overview, by providing leadership positions on a variety of levels. We encourage leadership by giving youth the opportunity to take meaningful action and empowering them to inspire others and make an impact.



We act in a sustainable way for our organization and society. Our decisions take into account the needs of future generations.






































#IAAS2020 Social Media Campaign


Take part in our #IAAS2020 Campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Share your IAAS events, news and ideas and add in all your posts related to IAAS the hashtags #IAASWorld #IAAS2020. Additionally, you add the specific IAAS2020 value hashtags that are linked to your post: #TeamFocus #Innovation #Excellence #Leadership #Diversity #Sustainability.

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