“I learned not to feel inferior in this very macho field” – Women In Agriculture

“I learned not to feel inferior in this very macho field” – Women In Agriculture

The IAAS Women in Agriculture Global Project was officially started by our Team on the 8th of March 2018 (International Women’s Day). The road to this great initiative towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 5 started during the 59th World Congress in Indonesia, 2016 and 60th World Congress in Mexico, 2017.

As an Association we believe that it is critical to ensure gender balance  in the field of Agriculture and recognize women’s participation as integral to sustainable development. The main goal is to promote gender equality and providing a platform for women to share their problems, experience and how they can overcome.

Meet Catalina Fagalde Sabra,  “Veterinarian – Equine Dentistry, Chile”

Catalina Fagalde Sabra was born in Temuco in 1992 and since she was 5 years, she was sure that her future profession was equine medicine. She studied all basic and secondary education at the George Chaytor English College and throughout her childhood, she loved being with farm animals and taking care of them, especially horses. When it was time to decide for a university degree, she had the choice to go for Dentistry but the safe decision was for Veterinary Medicine.



From the first year she convinced herself that she had chosen the right path, and focused on studying and getting good grades. As she climbed up in university, she got a lot of information from teachers in the equine area. “I tried to show my interest and I was able to accompany them in their daily work, teaching me how important it is not to feel inferior in this very macho area, learning practice and developing my confidence at work” she says. Catalina greatly appreciates this, she did practices both of surgery abroad with recognized professionals, as well as of reproduction and internal medicine in other cities of the country. In the last year of her university career, her equine clinic teacher showed her all the areas to which she could dedicate herself to. She goes on to say, “I always knew that there was equine dentistry but until then I had not paid much attention to it”. It was then that she met a professor who was dedicated to this area and she got to know immediately that this would be her way. Meeting this professor motivated her to go for it, and became brave.


At the end of her university career and being a professional, she immediately enrolled in her first course in basic dentistry, with which she was able to start working on basic procedures and developing practice in the market. As time passed, she participated in more courses in equine dentistry of higher level in Brazil and Chile, achieving the knowledge necessary to work more stable.

Today she dedicate herself to Equine Dentistry, attending horses of all sports branches (rodeo, horseback riding, enduro, polo, races, work, etc.) and performing scientific studies of dentistry where parameters are still unknown. Her personal goal is to carry out courses in a constant way, updating the knowledge and learning more and more of the great professionals that she has as guides.

You can also watch her video interview with us : https://www.facebook.com/IAASWorld/videos/10156505492529874/

Natalie Bidner
Natalie Bidner
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