Fourth online debate of IAAS members in Africa

The African Board of IAAS is still pursuing its monthly online debate initiated in January 2017.
This discussion amongst African IAASers, aiming at raising students’ awareness of the most urgent challenges faced by the agricultural sector in Africa. The debate is an opportunity for these members to express their thoughts and share experience with their fellows. On Saturday May 6th, 2017 in FamilleIAAS Africa Family whatsapp group was hold the 4rd monthly debate. This time the topic was
“The Village Concept Project (VCP) in Africa: How young people in agriculture can help the small-scale and marginal farmers in Africa?”

The Village Concept Projects were started in the late eighties. Several international student organizations were then working together to help societies. IAAS was mainly responsible for the agricultural part. The projects were very popular in African, American and Asian countries during the 1990s. Many European students got also involved when they went working for several weeks in VCPs in other regions. VCPs are not only taking place in small villages anymore, every IAAS project where our members bring positive changes in their community could become an IAAS Village Concept Project. In fact, Village Concept Projects are IAAS activities with a community impact. These projects can be as simple as visiting primary schools to give lessons about agriculture, and as complex as installing and maintaining irrigation for a community. Village Concept Projects can take place in every IAAS country. Village Concept Projects enrich your IAAS chapter’s local connection with agriculture, and adds value to your chapter. Community involvement is also a huge boost in visibility, appeal to sponsors and other fundraising activities.
The aim of this debate on the topic: « The Village Concept Projects (VCP) in Africa: How young people in African help small-scale and marginal farmers in Africa? » is to revive this activity in Africa and enable younger generation to contribute in the development of small communities.

You can read the full report by downloading Report 4th online debate of IAAS members in Africa