For Peat’s Sake, We’re here!

For Peat’s Sake, We’re here!

Today, Jakarta is very hot, humid, not too friendly neither for locals nor foreigners to do any activities. Yet, from the top of Bakrie Tower in Kuningan, I can see there’s a crowd going in and out of a hotel. I got curious and I keep looking for the name of the building… and found it. It’s JS Luwansa Hotel and Convention Center and located not so far away from Bakrie Tower.

I can see around 425 people there. What’s possibly happening there on 18th of May?

My curiosity got me here, at the Global Landscapes Forum. I met people from all over the world: Indonesia, Nepal, Kongo, Australia, EU nations, America, Latin America, and many more. For Peat’s sake! What’s going on?

Here’s the hint : they’re gathering here for one same purpose. One important once-in-a-life-time purpose, that is opening communication between every stakeholders of Peatlands from all over the world. The catastrophic 2015 fire in Indonesia brings together the world for this forum. A forum that will set and decide Peatlands future, for once and all.

The most interesting part is that, every stakeholders got their time and right to talk to the world about their perspective of Peatland, starting from local communities in Borneo, Sumatera, and Sulawesi, Researchers, Multinational Company Owners, NGOs, to Government. My heart breaks every time the “voiceless” tell their stories about their struggle, their problem when the wild fires burned their village to ashes.

It widened my view of the world. It opened my eyes. Now I see every perspective of the world about peatland. Now I realize that agriculture is at risk, too. How can this be possible?

Oh yes, did you know that only 15% of peatlands worldwide have been drained, but this alone is responsible for 5% of total anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions? Now you do. Don’t you think that Peatlands does matter? Peatlands have a great impact on climate change. Now it’s a matter that everyone should aware.

I do think that we should all be aware of its power, its threat, and its catastrophic effect if you provoke the sleeping peatlands. For Peat’s Sake, and every one’s sake, especially

our children, our grand children and their children, let’s spread the word : #PeatlandsMatter. We’re here for better Peats and The World. Are you?


Written by: Raymundus

Picture courtesy Lynsey Grosfield (CIFOR)


Andjela Komnenic
Andjela Komnenic
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