Ceres Internship in Biodynamic Organic Farm Changed my Perspective

Dianita Rossari Dewi from Indonesia participated in 1 month IAAS Exchange Program at Matjaz Turinek Farm in Pesnica, Slovenia.

I worked in a bio-dynamic organic farming which produces vegetables, fruits, herbs, and grains. The small hold farm produces and sells their product directly to their costumer in the local area: Maribor and Ljubljana, and also neighbor country: Austria. I learned about handling plants, heterogenic planting planning, processing food, and market system.

My first time there was mulching blueberries organically with alfalfa mixed grass. It needs a lot of energy.

I began to understand the challenge of growing organic foods, it was not easy.

And for the next days ahead despite doing transplanting, harvesting, baking, and packaging, we did weeding almost every day.

I was living in the farmer’s house aged 250 years old. It could be such a historical building of a farmer family home.




The house is surrounded by beautiful field hills. It is a beautiful scenery of Slovenia’s village. The farmer couple are also kindled hearted people and lovely. We have our daily family lunch together and often have discussions. All in all, I feel this experience is worth to have. It gives me another perspective of how is another country farm looks like which I believe needed for my future life and career.

Pramudito Kartiko Dumipto - Intern at Wiesengut Institute of Organic Farming (Bioland) Research Universitat Bonn, Hennef, Germany.

Pramudito Kartiko Dumipto from Indonesia  participated in 2 month  ( 30 July – 23 September 2018) IAAS Exchange Program Germany, Hennef in Archimedes internships that focus on the research and work at Wiesengut Institute of Organic Farming (Bioland) Research Universitat Bonn.

I stayed in student dorm near the working place. I live there with 1 student, 3 workers, and 1 internships student, each of them are living separated place. I do a lot of project, helping my supervisor research like do the extraction of N min, harvesting the organic potatoes, determine the disease cause by wire worm, measured the root from the scan and many more. I choose Germany because from all over the country option, only Germany that provided the Archimedes internships, and the topic is really interested because its organic farming, the system that in my country still hard to accomplished that.



I have a lot of experience from my internships, I know how it felt living in the European country which is my dream to go there, i know the differences of the culture, the atmosphere, and the one that I felt difference the people on there is very discipline, they don’t like wasting time and I really appreciate this. Its really nice to experience living abroad, and I hope I can go there again not just once. I have something to tell, especially for the local ex-pro team, maybe in the next internships period, its better to take participant to go somewhere together so the participant not feel bored and can get new family IAAS.


Caption of the Video

Hello guys! Greetings from Indonesia!

My name is Pramudito Kartiko Dumipto, and you can call me Dito. I am the Exchange Participant sending to Germany from last year, 2018.

I have an exchange internship in Organic Farming Research Centre, in Universitat Bonn, Germany. From there i have got a lot of things, many experience that i have learned from the internship. From the internship, i learned a lot, i have got a lot of things, such as i learned abour the organic farming system that worked in Germany. I also got new friends. They are very friendly and nice to me. Then, beside that i learned how to live in Europe, especially Germany. How i adapted on there, being on there for 2 month is such a good experience for me.I have got a lot of friends. I learned a lot from the internship, like helping the university about the organic farming research, like having to take soil sample on there, estimating the rooting system, estimating the N min from the soil, and many things. I also got a chance to travel around Europe, like i travelled to Belgium, Netherlands, France, some city on Germany where i have got a lot of experiences on there. BEing an exchange participant is such a good honor for me that is a great experience that i ever had in my life. So, do not be afraid to take this chance. This is maybe your only chance in your life. So, that is all from me. See you in another chance, hope you will try exchange from IAAS.

IAAS, Think Globally, Act Locally!”   

Defalki Kanasta - Intern at Weener Dairy Farm, Germany.

Defalki Kanasta from Indonesia participated in IAAS Exchange Program at Weener, Germany, Dairy Farm for 3 months.

I chosen Germany because this country is famous with the technologies and engineering. It was very good to learn about it and I have to think to implement for develop country like Indonesia. I love everything about the job and I hope I can do that somewhere in Indonesia. My point is about the technology. I did not meet and it such a honors have an opportunity to learn that. In Addition, being a good worker is important but don’t forget about the people around you. The world is very diversity! Sometimes people only focus on the job but forget about being human. Exchange cultures and sharing the ideas with the people across the country was prestigious for me.

I was working in the modern dairy farm. The workers were only me and the owner (sometimes opa help us). Mostly I used my muscles in the job. I love to do that because it was something new for me. For example, Fix the problem on the trailers and put the stones on the pathways. it was complicated and not easy, but I would to say that it is a challenge for me. I had to use my power and intelligence at the same time. Those experiences teach me how to solve the problem independently. Don’t ask before you try.

In my opinion, My boss was very professional. Sometimes we work together like a team but sometimes we did by ourselves. We have plenty of jobs everyday even weekend. The boss created some project with me that he wants to aim on my internship. It was put the stones on the pathways (approximately 50×2 M), Make a gate for the cows and silage stock for the winter.

I meet my expectation being an exchange participant there. The technology is modern and advance.  The robot works 24 hours and it is very efficient than we used here in Indonesia. We have the same technology here but the differences was the subject. That technology manage by company in Indonesia but the farmer could manage and control with their family. I imagine that the Indonesia farmers do the same way and it would be my next project here. Educating Indonesian people about the system and being independent farmer.

I stayed in the houses family in Weener and it located in country side. If I want to go to supermarket or eating something, I have to go by bicycle. The family also provided the meals but sometimes I tried something new. I don’t meet any problem about the food, but the food was a bit sour for Indonesia as we know Indonesian loves spicy food.

Thank you for having me as exchange participant. Go Further, Go IAAS!

From Germany to Indonesia

After WoCo 2016, I had decided to stay for another four weeks in Indonesia to do an internship with the Exchange Program. Looking back, it was the best decision I could make! I spent wonderful weeks, explored the differences of nature and culture and met great people. The local committee of IAAS was very helpful and caring. They visited me very often to have dinner together and took me to trips on the weekends.

The internship itself was interesting, even though I learned more about Indonesian culture, friendliness and working habits than about things related to my studies.

Nevertheless I recommend all of you to make that experience, since it is a great opportunity and it is likely to change the way you see the world!

Elsa from Germany

One of the best experiences in my life!

Going on an IAAS internship to Indonesia meant crying twice for me: when I arrived, because of the jetlag and being homesick the first day, and when I had to go home again. All the time in between were moments of joy, happiness and great friendships.

This internship was not only a great learning opportunity to me, but the best experience of my life up to now. It was a combination of learning, travelling and getting to know other cultures. Even though my Indonesian friends are living

at the other side of the world, many of them I still hear every week and I could not miss them anymore!


Foto Expro Vere 1

Foto Expro Vere 2

From Belgium to Indonesia

Going on an IAAS internship to Indonesia meant crying twice for me: when I arrived, because of the jetlag and being homesick the first day, and when I had to go home again. All the time in between were moments of joy, happiness and great friendships.

This internship was not only a great learning opportunity to me, but the best experience of my life up to now. It was a combination of learning, travelling and getting to know other cultures. Even though my Indonesian friends are living at the other side of the world, many of them I still hear every week and I could not miss them anymore!


African culture, daily life

The internship in Togo was in a pineapple-process company.

The first 4 weeks I worked in a pineapple processing company. They made pineapple juice and dreid pineapple. I was a worker so I had to work quite hard together with a lot of women: peeling and cutting pineapples, making the juice, bottling, unloading the truck, doing the maintenance,…. I learned especially a lot about African culture, daily life, people and myself.



Indonesia (Ceres)

From Belgium to Indonesia

“…Mostly, we planted small orchids or removed them to bigger pots when they became too large. Sometimes we worked into the laminar flow to replace seedlings from one sterile bottle with agar into another. We did a lot of different things, but most of all we talked and laughed….

…Indonesian people are warm, friendly and especially very polite, their hospitality is really remarkable. I realized that the knowledge of the Indonesian students is more practical, more applied and more useful than the pure theoretical knowledge of Belgian students.

…one of my friends took me to the church, so I was able to see an Indonesian Eucharist. I saw Indonesia through eyes of Indonesians instead visiting Indonesia as a common tourist. I recommend Indonesia and Soerjanto Orchids to everyone who wants to have an unforgettable exchange program!”

Carla Deiana - Intern at Konjeniško društvo Ranč Seleren, Slovenia

Carla Deiana from Italy participated in IAAS Exchange Program at Konjeniško društvo Ranč Seleren (Horse Ranch), Slovenia


During this internship I learned about handling horses, feeding, cleaning and riding. This experience changed my perception of horses, opened my horizon and allowed me to test myself in a new environment.


Nigel Chakawa - Intern at UD Artha Batu, Indonesia

Nigel Chakawa from Zimbabwe participated in IAAS Exchange Program at UD Artha Batu, Indonesia 

I did my internship in Indonesia , where I spent three months there. I was attached at a company called Bonsai, where we were growing trees and flowers. I had a good time, I got a lot of exposure. One thing that touched me the most was the hospitality that I got from the host team. Brawijaya University was my host team and I met some amazing people. I had an expectation of building my professional networks, which was met during my stay in Indonesia. I also got a chance to visit resort places in Indonesia, mountains, beaches and waterfalls. I am very honored and proud to have been part of this exchange program, and even as I came back to lead IAAS Zimbabwe as the National Director, I came back with a lot of experience and inspiration. I want to thank Mr Arpai who was my supervisor , for the love he showed me, I want to thank my hosting team, IAAS Brawijaya for the effort they put together in order to make me comfortable and make my stay a success. I want to thank member of IAAS Zimbabwe, for the preparation we made together and for the continued support they have shown through out. Lastly, I want to thank IAAS world, for these program-mes they set for students all over the world to participate in. If it wasn’t for the vision set before us by the founding fathers, we wouldn’t have has such a time of exposure.



Caption of the Video

Hello guys!

My name is Nigel Chakawa, I am from Zimbabwe and I am the National Director of IAAS Zimbabwe.

All of the things that i have benefitted from IAAS is the exchange program, which i participated in, and i was in Indonesia for three months from May of last year to August. One of the most important thing that i benefited from this program was the relationship that we established and build between IAAS Zimbabwe and Asia. At the time, we would interact, exchange ideas, and i was at that time to explore the agricultural industry in Indonesia. It was an amazing program for me, and i am very happy and delighted. It would not be possible if it was not for IAAS. Go IAAS, Go Further!

Jan - Intern at Campo Demostrativo Tranahuillin, Chile and AgroScan S.A., Ecuador.

Jan from Germany participated in IAAS Exchange Program at Campo Demostrativo Tranahuillin, Chile and AgroScan S.A., Ecuador.



Caption of the Video

Hey guys, how are you?

For some of you who doesn’t know me, I’m Jan from IAAS Germany. I’m doing my ExPro Internship in Ecuador right now.

I want to tell you something about my experience here, my purpose, my intention and the reason why i did this Exchange.

I studied Agricultural Sciences at University of Bonn on my Bachelor, and i finished it in October. And for me it is was really important to get some practical experiences after my bachelor because the bachelor was really theoretical and i was not that satisfied. So, okay i decided that i wanted to make a gap year. But, in this time in Germany was winter and i said okay let’s go to the Southern Hemisphere. So, i started my ExPro experience in Chile and i worked there for 2 month in a horticultural farm with different crops, like strawberries, raspberries, wine, apples. It was really a lot. I did this for 2 and a half month (i decided to expanded it a bit). And then i decided to go to Ecuador, and i contacted the ExPro Director. He offered me internship in AgroScan. It is a startup company from the University of Quito which do field analysis, modelling system, etc. It is really interesting and there were a lot of practical experiences. It is perfect to my career in Bonn. This is what I do in the first month here, and the second month i work in a farm like in Chile but with different crops. In Ecuador there are a lot of fruits and vegetables that we are not able get in Europe and it is really interesting to get to know these crops that are not available there. Third month, i decided now (it was a really spontaneous decision) to work at the Chocolate Factory with Cacao and how to produce chocolate. This was not my intention before i came here. I think it is really interesting because Cacao is really important in Germany or Europe, i mean every nation has its own Chocolate Factory. I decided to do this internship as well because of it.

This is my experience here and i want to motivate you to go abroad to gain practical experience, because it was one of my decision to get to know these different cultures, like in Chile and Ecuador. It is really amazing, i really love it here, and i am enjoying my life. I actually don’t want to get back to Germany (haha).

So, this is about my experience here. Hope you will enjoy (ExCo Meeting) in Morocco, and have really productive days there, and a lot of fun of course. See you soon! Bye!