Dianita Rossari Dewi from Indonesia participated in 1 month IAAS Exchange Program at Matjaz Turinek Farm in Pesnica, Slovenia.

I worked in a biodynamic organic farming which produces vegetables, fruits, herbs, and grains. The small hold farm produces and sells their product directly to their costumer in the local area: Maribor and Ljubljana, and also neighbor country: Austria. I learned about handling plants, heterogenic planting planning, processing food, and market system.

My first time there was mulching blueberries organically with alfalfa mixed grass. It needs a lot of energy.

I began to understand the challenge of growing organic foods, it was not easy.

And for the next days ahead despite doing transplanting, harvesting, baking, and packaging, we did weeding almost every day.

I was living in the farmer’s house aged 250 years old. It could be such a historical building of a farmer family home.


The house is surrounded by beautiful field hills. It is a beautiful scenery of Slovenia’s village. The farmer couple are also kindled hearted people and lovely. We have our daily family lunch together and often have discussions. All in all, I feel this experience is worth to have. It gives me another perspective of how is another country farm looks like which I believe needed for my future life and career.