EDM 2016 in Croatia

EDM 2016 in Croatia

IAAS Croatia has organized EDM (European Directors Meeting) in time from 29th of December 2016 till 4th of January 2017 in its capital city Zagreb.

Students came from Slovenia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, USA, Italy and Greece. Also, EC and ITC attended the event. We hosted IAAS Alumni from Croatia who presented their events as alumni and their experience as IAAS members.

Two General Assemblies were organized and IAAS World presented their IAAS 2020 project. At first GA, candidates for regional director presented themselves, than we have spoken about huge problem in world, Food waste. We have watched videos about it and other countries represented data about how much food is unnecessarily thrown away in their country.

In the end of the first GA, every country represented what their organization has accomplished in the past year. On the other GA, regional directors for Western, Central and North-Eastern Europe were elected.

We had two workshops in two days. One was on topic „No food waste“ where we have developed idea about how to prevent food waste at home, at university, at IAAS events, at local and global level. Second workshop was on topic “Unity in IAAS Europe“ where we practiced on the examples SWOT & TOWS analysis.

Soft skill trainings were also held in two days. Every day three trainings were held. First day topics were Fundraising, Improvisation and Team Dynamics and second day topics were Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and Strategic and Organisational Planning.

Furthermore, we had workshop on topic „Croatian traditional food and beverage“, where our participants had an opportunity to cook some Croatian food. At the end of the event we went to ice skate at Zagreb’s Christmas market which was declared as the best European Christmas market 2016.

Andjela Komnenic
Andjela Komnenic
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