Do you want to become one of the next generation of leaders in crop protection?

Do you want to become one of the next generation of leaders in crop protection?

An exciting opportunity has arisen for IAAS to partner with IUPAC 2019, and YPARD, Young Professionals for Agricultural Development, CropLife International, and Ghent University.





IUPAC is an organisation that represents chemist all around the world and is most known for their work on the standardization of nomenclature in chemistry. One 

of their biggest events and projects however is the International congress on crop protection which is held every 4 years and highlights the scientific advances made in the industry. The 14th congress will be held in Ghent, Belgium from the 19th till the 24th of May 2019. About 1000 to 1500 scientists and academia will join the congress titled “Crop protection: education of the future generation”. It is exactly for the involvement of the future generation that IAAS and YPARD have become partners with IUPAC 2019. Two programs, specifically focussed on the next generation of crop protection leaders are on offer….

The Next Generation Agri Summit (19-23 May 2019) will offer an innovative program developed by and for young agricultural students and researchers interested and engaged in all aspects of crop protection. It will run parallel with the IUPAC International Congress, offering a unique opportunity to engage with world-renowned leaders in plant protection as well as engage in topics specifically wanted by youth. There are 50 sponsored places for young  who get selected through an online contest.

N-GAGE champions: N-GAGE (Next Generation Agricultural Innovators) is an IUPAC 2019 pilot project to select up to 5 promising young agricultural innovators to join the Agri Summit, receive seed funding of €5000 for their project idea and one-year of mentorship and training opportunities.

What is IAAS’s role in the IUPAC Next Generation programme?
We have put together a small team including European IAAS’ers and YPARD members to work with the IUPAC Next Generation Programme coordination team to bring you an exciting program for the Next Generation Agri Summit. IAAS will provide facilitators and trainers, promote the event, motivate our members to apply and provide testimonials on why to apply. We will also suggest alumni to become mentors and judge the N-GAGE competition.

What can you do?

You can be part of the Next Generation Agri Summit that has been designed specifically by and for the next generation of crop protection leaders. Keep the world up to date on the Congress with your blogposts after a social media training course.  Broaden your network and connect with our globally renowned speakers such as the Nobel prize winner Sir Fraser Stoddart.

If you are interested in joining the Summit or becoming one of the N-GAGE champions its as simple as sending an email to iupacnextgenerationprogram(at) describing your innovation, project or idea for sustainable crop protection. Check out the details of how to apply on the IUPAC 2019 Next Generation website.  Once your submission is received it will be posted on the IUPAC Next Generation website. The winners will be determined in two steps, the first using public voting and then a final selection by a panel of judges. This contest is open to anyone between 18 and 40 years of age and either currently enrolled in an agricultural educational institution or have recently graduated in the past two years.



So Apply Now the contest will close on 1 February 2019.

Follow us on Social Media!
Go follow IUPAC 2019 on Twitter and Instagram (@iupac2019), follow the Next Generation program on Twitter (@IUPACNextGen). The official hashtag is #iupacNextGen. Last, but definitely not least, follow their blog and subscribe (click the plus, below right and enter your email address). Here all the newest updates and interesting reads will be posted but also all of the applications will be posted and available for your voting (by liking, commenting, retweeting) . Definitely check it out and share the posts so as many people as possible get to see it.

Send in your testimonials!
Have you ever been to a similar event, or a part of a similar program? Do you want to share your testimony and motivate others to apply? Send in your testimony to this form and it will be posted on the IUPAC Next Generation website testimonial page.

Suggest IAAS alumni to become mentors!
Do you know a great IAAS alumni that might want to be a mentor? Drop his/her name in the comments down below and we will contact them as soon as the mentorship program is developed.

Send in your program ideas!
Do you have an amazing idea on what we should include in the Next Generation Agri Summit program? Let us know! We already have a social media workshop where all participants will get the necessary tools to write blogs, take interviews, etc. Participants will also interact with the IUPAC 2019 congress through plenary sessions, poster sessions, round table discussions, a field excursion and a banquet. But we still have a program to fill and since this summit is for young people, by young people we want your ideas! So leave a comment on this blog or take part in our social media campaign.

Here’s how it works:
You film yourself for 30 seconds to 1 minute telling us all about what you think the program should include. You state your name and where you are from and then start telling your idea. State the topic of your idea and the format it should be in. For example: environmental considerations in sustainable crop protect AND interactive process such as “world cafe”.

You post the video on Twitter or Instagram (publicly) using the hashtag #iupacNextGen so we can find your post. You also put the link to the blog in your post and tag @iupacNextGen.Then you tag two friends to do the same to get the ball rolling. The organising team will look at all the posts and see if the idea’s can be applied. In this way we make sure we hear all of your voices and make this summit as exciting as we can.


Let’s show our partners that IAAS has a huge impact through its diverse network of members and join, share, like, apply!


By Celine Callewaert,

Head of the IAAS Next Gen OC team

Andjela Komnenic
Andjela Komnenic
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