Directors Meeting of Americas – DMA

Directors Meeting of Americas – DMA

From March 12 to 19, 2017, the first DMA Director’s Meeting of America was held in Uruguay, organized by the student committee of IAAS Uruguay. With less than two years of life this committee took on the challenge of organizing an international congress with the theme “Sustainable Uruguay, Building a bridge to the future”. More than 40 students from 9 countries participated (Chile, Guatemala, Costa Rica, United States, Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, Switzerland, and Uruguay).

The main objectives were to show the potential of the country, also the work and production in the agricultural area, betting on sustainable systems. Promote cultural exchange by inviting Uruguayan and foreign students to know and live the IAAS experience. Thus, strengthening the local committee, and in this way promoting the global network, inviting to be part of IAAS: a student organization for students.

The opening of the conference consisted of a series of talks related on the agricultural sector, counted on outstanding exhibitors such as Juan Francisco Porcile Maderni agronomic engineer or Forestry, Claudio Ortiz agronomic engineer and past president of AMIA and APIA, Eduardo Blasina agronomic engineer, Joaquín Rivas agronomic engineer student and regional director of IAAS Americas, among others.

Once this activity was finished, the trip began, where six departments of the country, Montevideo, Colonia, Soriano, Rio Negro, Florida and Maldonado were visited, in which the most representative items in Uruguay were shown; Such as agriculture, forestry, intensive and extensive livestock, dairy, viticulture and olive growing.
The INIA´s (National institution of agriculture research) “La Estanzuela” Experimental Station, which was widely recognized at national level, was the first destination, after which it became known the Natural reserve, nursery and biopark “M’Bopicua”, owned by the forest company “Montes del Plata” and the pulp mill of “UPM”. We visited the feedlot belonging to the company “Marfrig”, a farm and a wintering farm of the group “CREA”. The technology was also present in the visit to the Fair Expoactiva. Added to this we toured company “Agroland”, including the olive farm “Colinas de Garzón” and the “Garzón Winery”.

In spite of the exhaustive technical agenda, there was the General assembly, where we vote for the next host of DMA. Then there was an amazining city tour in depth the capital Montevideo, also Colonia del Sacramento (World Heritage), and free time at the beaches of José Ignacio and Punta del Este. There were also many intercultural activities during this week, including a grilled lamb dinner and the traditional International Night, where dances were performed with typical clothes from each country representing their culture and traditions. The typical recipes were the star of the International Fair where we could learn through the gastronomy about the cultures and customs of each country present. Another long-awaited activity was the “IAAS Development Found night”. With no doubt was an amazing and complete international event.

Words from the OC:

As a local committee, we want to emphasize that this type of events at a global level strengthens peer understanding, helps develop in unfamiliar areas, and encourages young people to create, do, and carry out on their own such wonderful things as these.

An enriching experience in every sense, both personal and educational as well as professional and cultural. Fostering the exchange of ideas and actions favors young people in every sense, living an unforgettable experience.

We hope that IAAS Uruguay will continue to grow and strengthen, and we will continue working to achieve this.

IAAS offers many advantages to students both in their professional and personal training, so we invite all agricultural science students to join this great organization worldwide!

That’s what IAAS is all about!



Andjela Komnenic
Andjela Komnenic
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