Development Fund

In order to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of agriculture around the world, we need to reach as many different voices as possible.

Therefore, the Development Fund was created.

The fund provides financial support to motivated and hardworking students from underprivileged member countries to attend the World Congress or the Director’s Meeting of their region. Like this IAAS ensures equal chances to its members to attend major events, enables the representation of every member country during the General Assembly and especially, it gives passionate youth leaders the chance to improve and grow.

General Information


IAAS annually provides up to 2’000 EUR to its members from developing countries (A and B category) to attend and organize IAAS constitutional events. Please note that the amount for individual support like stated in the IAAS Constitution & By-Laws is varying between 12 and 15 procent of the total costs for participation and travel.

We believe that travelling abroad and learning about agriculture in a new environment gives a different perspective and the ability of global thinking to our members – a very valuable skill in our world today.

Attending and organizing our global events is the first step in developing future leaders who will improve their local community and have the power to change the world!

How to Apply