Regional Boards

The Regional Boards are the link between the National Directors and the IAAS World Executive Committee.
Regional Boards exist officially as a Regional Director and a Regional Exchange Coordinator.

IAAS is divided into 4 main regions:

  •  Africa
  •  Asia-Pacific
  •  Americas
  •  Europe (divided into 2 subregions: North and South Europe)

Regional Directors

Aminou Abass –

Country: Niger


Message from Aminou

I am Aminou Abass, Africa Regional Director,I from Niger,I am training the agronomy faculty of Abdou Moumouni University in Niamey. I started campaigning in the IAAS in 2012 where I served as secretary general of the national committee of Niger. In 2013, I was chairman of the committee responsible for drafting texts of the IAAS Niger. In 2014, I was member of the National Organizing Committee of the ADM 2014 witch held in Niger. In 2018, I was a candidate for the post of RD at the Bénin ADM, where i was elected.

My motivation, thirst position is to create a constructive framework for the exchange between members of the African regional members, but also between Africa and the worldwide desktop. We go with our colleagues, create conditions for the integration of some African countries in the IAAS. We intend equip the IAAS Africa’s status and rules of procedure by using the constitution of IAAS world.The organization of the WoCo 2019 will also be our priority.We will build partnerships with institutions, international organizations and the authorities of the African countries to mobilize resources for the proper functioning of the IAAS Africa.

William Boniche – Americas

Country: Costa Rica


Message from William

My name is William Boniche. I study Engineering in Agribusiness in the Technological of Costa Rica. I am currently the Regional Director of IAAS in America. Since 2015 I have had the opportunity to be part of IAAS which has changed my life. For this reason, I have remained active within the association in the IAAS Costa Rica committee and currently representing America in order to transmit this excellent opportunity to more students of the agricultural sector in America and the world. I am very motivated and working hard for the development of IAAS in America and believing in the potential we have as a region. Welcome to this beautiful region of the world, welcome to America.

Bagus Kresna – Asia Pacific

Country: Indonesia


Message from Bagus

My name is Bagus Kresna (you can call me Bagus) and I am the Regional Director of IAAS Asia Pacific of this term. I am from IAAS Indonesia Local Committee Universitas Gadjah Mada and I have joined IAAS since 2016. Being in IAAS has made me met many people from many backgrounds and also made me learn many new things. I hope the best for IAAS in general, and I hope I can contribute more with this year’s Great Regional Board of IAAS Asia Pacific to motivate IAASers all around IAAS Asia Pacific! Go Further, Go IAAS!

Hanna Roenneke – Europe

Country: Germany


Message from Hanna

Dear FamilIAAS,

I am Hanna from Germany and I am the Regional Director of IAAS Europe 2019. I am studying Food science at the University of Bonn and joined IAAS in summer 2017. Since then I had the chance to meet incredible people and made good experiences. In Oktober 2018 I became the LD of Bonn and at the EDM in Madrid, I decided spontaneously to apply for the position of the Regional Director. I am super happy with this decision and I am excited for my IAAS year 2019.

I hope to help with growing our FamilIAAS and to establish IAAS in more countries. We all benefit from more different cultures and countries which joining IAAS. I want to support all IAAS Europe countries and especially the cooperation between these different countries. Besides Europe, I am glad to cooperate and share Ideas with my colleagues from the other regions! As an International association, we have the possibility to learn and benefit from each other! We should use this chance as much as possible!

Regional Exchange Coordinators

Karl Agbodossindji – Africa

Country: Benin


Message from Karl

Coming soon!

Erin Cork – Americas

Country: USA


Message from Erin

Hello everyone! My name is Erin Cork and I am from the US and majoring in Agronomy at Iowa State University. I am very happy to be working with everybody and my main goals for the program are to have more people visiting the Americas and for more of our region’s people to intern in other places. I would also love to publish a catalogue of all available countries and internships to showcase our many opportunities.

Louisa Della – Asia Pacific

Country: Indonesia


Message from Louisa

Hi, FamilIAAS! I am Louisa Della, student of Food and Agricultural Product Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. I joined IAAS as a Exchange Department of IAAS LC UGM on 2016, then became a Exchange Coordinator of Exchange Department of IAAS LC UGM in 2017/2018, and now here I am as a Regional Asia Pacific Exchange Coordinator. Asia Pacific has so many potential chances to be explored and developed which I believe will bring IAAS going further. With Exchange Program IAAS provided, many students will be able to gain new experiences abroad and finally could build their own country. It means the more experienced students Asia Pacific has, the more Asia Pacific will be developed. I hope this year IAAS Regional Asia Pacific could increase and improve Exchange Program so we could help more students to get knowledge and experiences. Go further, go IAAS!

Ana Knezevic – Europe

Country: Serbia


Message from Ana

My name is Ana Knezevic from Serbia and I’m very proud to be the new Regional Exchange Coordinator of Europe. I’m 23 years old and study horticulture at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade.

I am an IAAS member since 2017 and last year my position was the National ExCo of Serbia. I hope we will do our best this year as the Regional board. Working on the ExPro is a real challenge and I enjoy it. If we motivate especially new member countries and countries which are in the moment not that active, we can have an awesome Exchange program in Europe, in all types of ExPro.

Regional External Relations Coordinators

Aurelle Fanou – Africa

Country: Benin


Message from Aurelle

Coming soon!

Brian Soso – Americas

Country: Guatemala


Message from Brian

Hello, my name is Brian. I’m from Guatemala and I am studying Agricultural Engineering. I’m the currently the Regional Coordinator of External Relations. I intend to maintain full support to students who need, during any process, providing information, ensuring the welfare of the members and others who want to be, taking IAAS to other countries, through our activities, making contributions that will continue to change the world.

Myra Febrianti – Asia Pacific

Country: Indonesia


Message from Myra

Hello, I’m Myra Febriyanti and you can call me Myra. I’m from IAAS Indonesia Local Committee IPB University, majoring in Management and currently on the 6th semester. It’s already my third year with IAAS and I always grateful for every chances and challenges that I get from here. I’m able to experience IAAS in almost every level, from my university’s LC, Asia Pacific and the World. This year, I was elected as the Regional External Relation Coordinator of IAAS Asia Pacific and I wish everyone’s blessing so I could give all my best to the team.

Paula Rivas – Europe

Country: Switzerland


Message from Paula

Hello everyone,
I am Paula from Switzerland, currently studying Agronomy at ETH Zürich. I am in IAAS for 3 years now and am well aware of the impact it has had on my development as a person itself and my decisions I made so far. Because I gained so much from IAAS, I decided to give back an become part of the regional board in Europe. My position gives me the great opportunity to be able to have direct contact with big leaders in this field, which can further on include their knowledge and capability into our association. I am thriving for doing a great job this year and keep up the good work of the previous external. My goals are to establish new partners and keep old partnerships. As IAAS also always is struggling to finance itself, I want to find ways to evolve sponsoring partnerships for long terms, where one knowledge form these companies can be given on to us and two opportunities for internships or visits can be formed. Always feel free to contact me and share your ideas with me, because great change and progress can only occur if we put ALL our minds together.

Regional Finance Coordinators

Elijah Lare – Africa

Country: Togo


Message from Elijah

Coming soon!

Ramses Reyes – Americas

Country: Mexico


Message from Ramses

Hi everyone! My name is Ramsés, I am from Mexico and I am the current VP of Finance of the Americas. I am an IAAS member since almost a year and it’s been a great experience. My motivation is that new faces can see that you can start big, continue to work for IAAS throughout America and be a promoter of new ideas and experiences.

We have to build from today, the association that we want to leave to new generations, and in the same way, integrate them from the beginning to strengthen our IAAS family.

Kishor Adhikari – Asia Pacific

Country: Nepal


Message from Kishor

Hello FamilIAAS
I am is Kishor Adhikari and besides being the Regional Finance Coordinator for IAAS Asia-Pacific, I am an active member from IAAS Nepal. I am studying Bsc(hons) Agriculture with Agri-Economics and Business Management as Elective in Himalayan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (HICAST).
I love Travelling, Making Friends and Learn new things which finally brought me to IAAS Family. I have attended World Congress, many national events and worked in different team for IAAS. I love being here… learning new things everytime and get to make many friends from all around the world, sharing knowledge and ideas, working together and lots of fun and many more.
Let’s motivate Each others, together we can bring Change.

Go further Go IAAS!

Marie-Agnès Fine – Europe

Country: France


Message from Marie

Dear FamilIAAS, I am Marie from France (Nancy). I am studying food industries at the ENSAIA (University of Lorraine) and I am a member of IAAS since September 2017. I was National Director of France from April 2018 to April 2019. Then, I wanted to take my IAAS experience to the next level and I became Finance Coordinator for Europe in December 2018. In this position, I hope to be able to help you to manage your budget for IAAS events and to get grants by staying in contact with all National Treasurers. I will also put efforts in promoting the Development Fund to help as many members of IAAS as possible to travel more. I am looking forward to having a successful year with all of you!

Regional Communication Coordinators

Idi Abdou Soge – Africa

Country: Niger


Message from Idi

Coming soon!

Karsyl Mejia – Americas

Country: Costa Rica


Message from Karsyl

Hi! My name is Karsyl, I’m from Costa Rica and I study Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness. I feel a great deal of privilege and responsibility being the current Regional Communications Coordinator for IAAS America. I consider that communication must be emphatic in key values such as transparency, equity and effectiveness in order to give an example to the IAAS Community worldwide. I believe that clarity and perseverance are vital for the furthering and strengthening of IAAS. We must be driven to reach out to countries that could become interested in forming part, without never leaving behind our role functions and innovating in the process.

Festus Septian – Asia Pacific

Country: Indonesia


Message from Festus

Hey IAASer! My name is Festus Septian Yoesafat. I’m from Indonesia and currently studying Biotechnology in University of Brawijaya. I was an IAASer since 2016 and Exchange Program was my first department that I’ve been experienced. But, my function are more capable in designing and marketing so I worked a lot for the best of my Exchange Program department in my LC which is IAAS LC UB. My IAAS Experience won’t stop in Expro, so I decided to expand myself to the next level of me and decided to work under IAAS Regional Asia Pacific and also IAAS World as Quality Board in the same function of my specialist which is Communication. My sincerity in SDGs empower me to have a brave mindset to set me for taking the highest level of me, and that’s why I’m applied as Regional Coordinator Communication of IAAS Asia Pacific was my intention to implement what I’ve been learned in IAAS. For me, having this position was such an honor for me but also a new challenge of me that what I wanted to implement in IAAS is about become true! And here I am with my team will make IAAS Asia Pacific and hopefully all over the world Shining as I dreamed before!

Mando Lydaki – Europe

Country: Greece


Message from Mando

My name is Mando Lydaki, I’m 24 years old and I come from Greece, LC of Volos. I’m a bachelor student in Crop Production and Rural Environment at the Department of Agriculture inUniversity of Thessaly. Except for gaining experiences with IAAS, I love travelling and dancing. My IAAS experiences started in 2016 when LC of Volos started and since then I’ve helped organizing many local and national events and attended plenty of them in Europe. As I wanted to go further I applied for the RCC, and I feel really proud of my election, this year at the European board. My goal for this year is, through our social media platforms, to motivate as more IAASers as possible to take action in our region. If we all act together on our goals and projects we can build the future we want in agriculture and of course our environment!