Executive Board


Natalie Bidner, President

Country: USA

Email: president@iaasworld.org

Skype: nbidner_1

Message: You can contact Natalie with questions related to
- General IAAS structure, activity, functioning and membership
- Membership applications


Andjela Komnenic, Vice President of Communications

Country: Montenegro

Email: vpcommunication@iaasworld.org

Skype: andjela.k94

Message: You can contact Andjela with questions related to
- Members' activity
- Publicity (IAAS Website, Social Media, Newsletters, Annual Review)
- Membership application


Sadat Amankona, Vice President of External Relations

Country: Ghana

Email: vppartnership@iaasworld.org

Skype: sadatsavvy

Message: You can contact Sadat with questions related to
- Partners, Sponsors and Partnership
- External events


Dianita Rossari, Vice President of Exchange

Country: Indonesia

Email: vpexchange@iaasworld.org

Skype: dianitarossari

Message: You can contact Dianita with questions related to
- Joining the IAAS Exchange Program as a student
- Offering Exchange places


George Vouroutzis, Vice President of Finance

Country: Greece

Email: vpfinance@iaasworld.org

Skype: vouroutzisg

Message: You can contact George with questions related to
- Budget and funding
- Development Fund
- Financial matters for IAAS committees and activities