Call for IAAS Project Ambassadors

Call for Ambassadors

Call for IAAS Project Ambassadors

IAAS World is now recruiting 3 project ambassador for following IAAS World Projects.

Call for Ambassadors

A. No Food Waste

The idea of this project was born in a work group from the 59th World Congress in Indonesia with the intention of raising awareness of food waste. We all can realize that how much food has been wasted after harvesting from the till till we finish our meals. To raise the importance of food and nutrition, IAAS has been raising awareness through different programs and campaigns like #SnapFood, CookBook and #FinishYourFood. To take our efforts to the next level in raising awareness, the ambassador will encourage to form projects and guide committees to manage the projects.

B. Women in Agriculture

To achieve SDG 5, many countries have produced regulations intended to fight discrimination and programs granting women access to health, education, and economic rights such as land ownership. However, the fact remains that women have fewer opportunities than men to benefit from economic development, with lower participation in the labor force and decision making. The right resources could help women maximize economic opportunities, increase productivity, and improve food security since women tend to reinvest in their households.
This project gives women the opportunity to contribute their ideas to the agricultural sector. The main goal is to promote Gender equality and providing a platform for them to share their problems, experience and how they can overcome them.


SocIAAS refers to social and agricultural projects performed in the communities of your IAAS committee. SocIAAS can be performed from any committee in any part of the world. It doesn’t have the general idea of doing development aid anymore. It is a much broader approach which gives space to creativity. The vision of SocIAAS is to support your community in a practical way, care better about our mother earth, people around us and future generations. You might be wondering how can you as an IAAS member contribute to make your community better? Well, There are many ways to give back.

  • Organize educative sessions, workshops and lectures
  • Promote local producers
  • Projects in Schools/ kindergarten/ youth group houses
  • IAAS Gardens: gardens maintained by local committees
  • and many more…

Why Project Ambassadors

To fill the missing gap of communications and coordination between IAAS World and committees on IAAS World Projects, the project ambassador will work closely with the Executive Board and Control Board to keep both sides on the same page. The project ambassadors will be the the person for mainstreaming our projects in coordination with IAAS World board and committees.

Selection Process

Ambassadors will be selected by the Executive Board and Control Board of IAAS. As part of the selection process, applicants will be asked to fill up an online form with attached Curriculum Vitae with IAAS experience. Applicants have to submit the form by 11th May 2018 at midnight. The selection will be based on an assessment of the questionnaire asked and curriculum vitae with IAAS Experience.

Time Commitment and Role

Ambassadors will participate over approximately 6 months, from May 2018 to as late as December 2018. The work is voluntary and there will be no any stipend, however the ambassadors will be awarded with certificate of recognition after the end of the tenure.


Expected duties and responsibilities

  • Disseminate the project information to all IAAS member countries and encourage them to get involved
  • Organize online/offline activities engaging members
  • Participate in virtual skype meeting with EB/CB and Regional Boards
  • Compiling of project activities in the form of report
  • Progress report of the project to be shared with EB/CB every two months
Andjela Komnenic
Andjela Komnenic
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