Application opens for Executive Board/Control Board Positions 2018/19

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Application opens for Executive Board/Control Board Positions 2018/19

Being part of the global team of a large youth-led organization as IAAS is a privilege and a huge responsibility someone could have. It is for sure an experience in which one learns how a global office works, how to handle multiple stakeholders and how to be in an extremely diverse team. As a future candidate, it is perfectly normal to have many questions and doubts about the decision to apply for an EB/CB position. We recommend you to go with your questions to the current EB/CB team and to people close to you.
The EB/CB of 17.18 will be more than happy to give you answers, to discuss your doubts and to provide you an insight in the current work and plans of the international board. The moment you decide to start the application process, it will be the official start of an amazing journey where you will become more and more involved in our association and may discover more about yourself and your abilities.
If you are committed to this organization, you will never be alone; knowledge and experienced members will be there for you from the very first day. This world and IAAS need people who make things happen, and all you need to do is to make the first step.
We wish every single one of you an amazing selection process, that you enjoy every single moment of it, that you really take it as a learning experience. Becoming a part of the EB/CB of IAAS World may be the best decision you made so far, could be very satisfying and will definitely change your life in many positive ways!

Positions open for applications

Executive Board 2018-2019

President || Download President_JobDescription ||
Vice President of Communication || Download VicePresidentCommunication_JobDescription ||
Vice President of External Relations || Download VicePresidentExternalRelations_JobDescription ||
Vice President of Exchange || Download VicePresidentExchange_JobDescription ||
Vice President of Finance || Download VicePresidentFinance_JobDescription ||

Control Committee 2018-2019

3 members for the Control Board || Download ControlBoard_JobDescription ||

  • Head of the Control Board
  • Finance Officer of the Control Board
  • Membership Officer of the Control Board

What IAAS offers?

  • Work experience in a dynamic and friendly environment
  • Develop yourself and improve your soft skills in an international young team
  • Grow your network with youth leaders and international organization’s personnel
  • Flexibility and space for individual goals and development
  • Travel opportunities
  • Improve your CV


  • Team focused
  • Ability to travel
  • Functional English speaking, reading, and writing
  • Passion for the development of IAAS and its members
  • Comfortable to represent IAAS in front of large crowds & present our goals effectively
  • Reliable access to a good internet connection which supports audio internet calls, including a computer microphone and camera
  • Membership to a Full Member IAAS committee


  • Willingness to move abroad for at least one of the 2 semesters (at Leuven, Belgium)
  • Time to devote yourself to IAAS from August 2018 through August 2019
  • A minimum weekly timely commitment of 6 days a week
  • Attend the Strategy Meetings during 2018-2019; First Strategy Meeting will be August/September 2018
  • Attend the General Assembly during WoCo 2019

How to apply?

Submit the following materials to by July 1st

  • Two min introduction video to IAAS, explaining your motivations
  • CV including IAAS experience
  • One A4 Page Letter of motivation
  • One A4 page ‘My one year strategy’ (what do you want to accomplish)

You will be able to present you as a Candidate at the 2018 IAAS General Assembly (GA) in Croatia via Skype, video, or in-person and be in touch consistently with the EB or CB in preparation for the 2018 GA. The positions will be elected by voting by the Full Member countries during the 2018 General Assembly in Croatia.


Applications shall be received until July 1st 2018, 23:59 GMT


EB duties as stated in the IAAS Constitution

According to the IAAS Constitution, the Executive Board will be held responsible for the following tasks during their term:

Article 7.1 Duties of the Executive Board

7.1.1 To serve as the official representatives of the Association in its relation to other organisations.
7.1.2 To perform such duties as instructed by the General Assembly.
7.1.3 To submit the reports of its activities and the financial situation to the General Assembly and the Director’s Meetings.
7.1.4 To initiate contacts for co-operation with other international organisations.
7.1.5 To prepare the agenda for the General Assembly.
7.1.6 To keep the Control Board continuously updated about their work and the financial situation of the Association.
7.1.7 To take over the duties of the other members of the Executive Board whenever it is necessary.
7.1.8 To be responsible for the publishing of the Annual Review, Constitution & By-Laws, the Beginners’ Guide, the Members’ Guide, other IAAS Guides and Handover documents whenever an update is necessary.
7.1.9 To assist any member in organising activities, running projects or any other matter related to the Association.
7.1.10 To be responsible for maintaining continuity of Executive Board and Control Board by assuring candidatures for all the positions. In order to this Executive Board may use the tools described in the IAAS Human Resource Manual.
7.1.11 To inform the committees of IAAS of the Executive Board’s work bi-monthly through EB couriers.
7.1.12 To update before the end of the term the Standard operating procedures and make sure that they are available to the next Executive Board and Control Board.


Andjela Komnenic
Andjela Komnenic
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