Second online debate of IAAS members in Africa

On January 2017, the African Board of IAAS initiated a monthly online debate aiming at raising students’ awareness of the most urgent challenges faced by the agricultural sector in Africa. The debate is an opportunity for these members to express their thoughts and share experience with their fellows. The 2nd online debate was held on Saturday, March 4, 2017 in FamilleIAAS Africa Family whatsapp group and the topic was:

Do Africans have to adopt organic farming instead of conventional agriculture?

This debate has been attended by students coming from Benin, Côte D’ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Niger, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe. It has been very fruitful in terms of contributions. The opinion between IAASers were diversified but with strong arguments. From the discussions, noted that organic farming would ideally be the most beneficial for Africa, not only for its sustainability but also for its economic advantage. However, it must be substituted by conventional agriculture in order to ensure food security on the continent.

Read the full report of the second online debate here