Village Concept Projects

Village Concept Projects (VCPs) by IAAS have social impact and strengthen our committees. Read below to learn what VCPs are and how you can start one.

What is a Village Concept Project?

Village Concept Projects are any IAAS activity with a community impact. These projects can be as simple as visiting primary schools to give a lesson on agriculture, and as complex as installing and maintaining irrigation for a community. Village Concept Projects can take place in any country.

Why engage in Village Concept Projects?

Village Concept Projects enrich your IAAS chapter’s local connection with agriculture, and adds value to your chapter. Community involvement is also a huge boost in visibility, appeal to sponsors and other fundraising activities.

What is the history of Village Concept Projects?

Village Concept Projects were most popular in IAAS Africa during the 1990s. Currently, IAAS Indonesia is most active in Village Concept Projects.

How do I start a Village Concept Project?

* Identify a need in your community that matches the interests of your IAAS members.

* Define your scope and timeline. Start small and let it grow.

* Find persons and/or organizations that will help you reach your goals.

* Launch your activity and tell others in IAAS about your Village Concept Project!