The IAAS Portugal Association began its activity in 1961 at Instituto Superior de Agronomia in Lisbon and is now composed of 7 local committees: Coimbra, Évora, Porto, Ponte de Lima, Santarém, Vila Real and Viseu. In 2017 we held the “Conversas sobre Agricultura II” (Conversations about Agriculture) at our college and the second edition of the Syngenta 24h of Agriculture at ESAC (Santerém) together with APH and Sfori. Also in 2017 we organized our very successful “IAAS Field Day” where we took our guests to three farms in Ribatejo. Twice a year we promote the National Meeting at varying committee locations where all committees get together and visit several local farms.


IAAS Portugal

Finantial Director: José Almeida
Email: Jose.maria@manantiz.com

National Director

Name: Diogo Rita

Email: portugal@iaasworld.org ; diogo.rita@hotmail.com

National Exchange Coordinator

Name: Nuno Neto

Email: expro.portugal@iaasworld.org ; nfafneto@gmail.com

Local Committees

IAAS Santarém

Local Director: Afonso Silva

Email: afonso-ps@hotmail.com

Tesoureiro: Tomás Silva

Email: tomas-ps@hotmail.com

Coordenador do Programa de Intercâmbio: Maria Ferreira

Email: mariacarolinalopf@gmail.com

IAAS Porto

Local Director: Carolina Salcedas

Email: cali.salcedas@gmail.com

Tesoureira: Marta Amorim

Email: martaamorim.b@gmail.com

Coordenador do Programa de Intercâmbio: Américo Martins

Email: americomartins51@gmail.com


IAAS Évora

Local Director: João Pinto

Email: joaopedroserraantunespinto@gmail.com

Tesoureiro (Treasurer): João Duarte

Email: joãomendesd3@gmail.com

Coordenador do Programa de Intercâmbio: Miguel Pereira

Email: miguelisabelpereira@outlook.pt



Local Director: Ana Teixeira

Email: ateixeira004@gmail.com

Tesoureiro: José Pimentel

Email: jlcpimentel@gmail.com

Coordenador do Programa de Intercâmbio: Carolina Melo

Email: carolina.melo.14.07@gmail.com


IAAS Viseu

Local Director: Roberto Gonçalves


Tesoureiro: António Campos

Email: acampou.exe@gmail.com

Coordenador do Programa de Intercâmbio: Renato Gouveia

Email: gouveia96@gmail.com

IAAS Ponte de Lima

Local Director: João Lago

Email: pedro-lago@hotmail.com

Tesoureira: Juliana Pereira

Email: pereirajuliana247@gmail.com

Coordenador do Programa de Intercâmbio: José Pena

Email: josecfpena95@gmail.com

IAAS Coimbra

Local Director: António Marques

Email: apfmarques23@gmail.com

Coordenador do Programa de Intercâmbio: Adriana Santos

Email: adrianafortedosantos@gmail.com