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IAAS Exchange Program (ExPro).

You’re about discovering the amazing world of IAAS Expro. The IAAS exchange program – ‘Expro’- exists over 45 years and in this time, more than 20.000 students have been exchanged with IAAS. The IAAS exchange program gives opportunities to all students in Countries, where a recognised local committee of IAAS is active, to do a traineeship (internship) in another country. With ‘Expro’, you can learn and experience things that cannot be learned out of course books.


Internships on farms


Internship in companies, organizations, universities and research institutions


Internships are community-based projects, mostly voluntary work

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Aim of Internship are

  • A positive learning experience.
  • Practical skills and knowledge in a foreign environment to complement their higher educational background.
  • Interaction with a different social and cultural environment with a view to gaining intercultural competences
  • Development of theoretical and practical leadership skills
  • Opportunity to apply their personal and professional skills, knowledge, attitudes and values to work for the organization as well as the host communities.
  • Develop the student’s awareness and knowledge of social issues and different practices of the sending and hosting country.
  • Opportunity to contribute to students personal and professional life goals

Aim of Internship are not

  • To provide an opportunity for the purpose of earning money
  • To provide a holiday
  • Intended to be a permanent career placement or recruitment opportunity in another country. If the organization decides to extend the internship on a permanent basis, IAAS will have no role in facilitating this
  • A vehicle for any person to permanently leave their country. IAAS does not encourage the extension of internships beyond the limit of 12 month.

Who may participate in the ExPro?

Students that are majoring/studying in the field of Agriculture and Related Sciences, coming from countries that are ‘full member’ and ‘Candidate member‘ of IAAS, are eligible to participate in Exchange Program. Some other affiliations can enable certain types of participation as well. Also students, who are graduated, less than two years ago, can participate in Expro. Note that the accepting country needs to resign your application and that it has to accord with the working-visa restrictions of that specific country.

Who are not allowed to participate in the exchange program?

A student who has graduated two years or more does not qualify for this exchange program.

ExPro Fees and Deposit

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ExPro Fees

Having the opportunity to go to a completely new culture, experiencing and living it , was amazing.
-Eillen Alexender, IAAS Belgium